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Online privacy – or the apparently staggering lack thereof – has been a hot topic for years. It seems every day there’s another story about how much personal information is stolen or compiled or misused in some manner.

You can pretty easily control how much of your personal information is available to be misused by simply controlling what you make available.

If you’re worried about people accessing your naughty pictures, either don’t upload them to photo storage systems or don’t take them in the first place.

If you’re worried about people getting access to your banking information or credit card numbers, be vigilant about what sites you give that information. Many banks and credit companies now offer very restrictive online only credit cards that can limit the amount of damage a leaked credit card cumber can do.

If you’re just worried in general about unauthorized people spying on you online, be careful about using unsecured WiFi connections, use secure access as much as possible and make sure you use good, robust passwords. Be cautious about what you upload or post. In the old days, I used to tell clients that anything the put anywhere online was essentially posted in the most public possible place and accessible by anyone, anytime, forever. If you’ve got information that you REALLY don’t want anyone to know, don’t count on any online service keeping it totally secure. Leaks happen.

The bottom line is that your privacy online is much like it is in the real world – as good as your habits.